Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No More Links To Otherword, Underworld


Just over a decade ago, tell anyone you had bought a house in Puchong and the inevitable reaction would be a gasp, raised eyebrows and a befuddled "Why-lah?"

Others would conclude that you must be a "gangster Puchong", "buaya Puchong" or hantu pocong, and proceed to make jokes about your imprudent decision to set up home out in the boondocks where presumably wild animals still roamed.
Going by its location "in the middle of nowhere" and its air of mystery, there were many tall tales surrounding the origins of the name of the now bustling urban sprawl in Selangor.
According to urban legend, hantu pocong is a bandaged fiend with bindings similar to the mummies of Egypt who used to cause mischief by hopping along the roadside around the area, thus lending its name to the township. To lend credence to this tale of the supernatural is the infamous abandoned "Puchong House", supposedly one of the most haunted bungalows in the country.
There are all kinds of rumours surrounding the decrepit, spooky-looking place. One story has it that the owner and his family were murdered by a robber. Another is that a mentally ill woman murdered her entire family there. Ghost hunters and thrill seekers from near and far have made a number of videos of their jaunts to the bungalow, but the ghoul which supposedly lent Puchong its name did not make an appearance. In reality, those visiting Puchong these days are only likely to encounter zombies, or rather those reduced to this state of catatonia, by the traffic jams now plaguing the area.
Besides its affiliation with the otherworld, Puchong was also linked to the underworld. It did not help that many members of the notorious Mamak Gang, the longest active criminal gang in Malaysian history, were nabbed in and around Puchong.
But all that is now in the past. Once the target of jokes and unkind remarks, Puchong residents are now being lauded for their unparalleled foresight -- their neighbourhood has become one of the best examples of rapid urban evolution within the Klang Valley.
From an unimpressive rubber estate and tin mining town in the 1960s, with only a single two-lane road running through its estates and villages, Puchong now boasts upmarket residences, residential estates with unpronounceable posh-sounding names, a private hospital, golf club, international school, shopping mall, well-known eateries, and more importantly, salons run by internationally-trained hair coiffure artists.
Indeed, Puchong is now a major growth area where more than a dozen new residential estates have been developed with more being planned. Marketed as the "New Petaling Jaya", Puchong is increasingly seen as the alternative to Putrajaya in view of its proximity to the federal administrative capital. Those living in the newer townships such as Taman D'Alpinia and Sierra 16 get to enjoy the best of Puchong and Putrajaya, which is a mere five minutes' drive away.
Responding to the steady market demand for housing, developers have continued to build and build. This is because what was out in the boondocks is now coveted with property prices in some areas now valued at over a million ringgit.
Today, the township distinguishes itself with its landscape of gated residential communities, shiny office buildings, concrete multi-tiered highways that connect it with almost every major urban centre in the Klang Valley -- now enhanced with access to the Bukit Jalil Highway.
Although the criss-crossing network of roads is at times confusing, and congested even during off-peak hours, all these have done little to suppress demand for Puchong's houses.
Like the burung pucung (heron) it was named after -- there were large numbers of these birds in the abandoned mining pools in the area in those days -- Puchong has continued to soar and is estimated to become even more urban and urbane in the years to come. Not much of the area looks the way it did even a decade ago. Perhaps, what still remains is the Buaya Puchong, now no longer a ravenous, monstrous reptile, but a 4x4 club, well known for its record of service to the community.
Most importantly, after having to put up with them for over a decade, the bad jokes about Puchong and its residents have finally trickled to a complete halt.
Puchong is now a major growth area where more than a dozen new residential estates have been developed, with more being planned.
Source: NST

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

IJM Launches Luxury Bungalows

Alvarez bungalows are priced from RM3mil and boast of a view over Ayer Hitam forest reserve.
IJM Land recently launched the fifth phase of its Laman Granview development in Saujana Puchong. Named Alvarez, this phase comprises 27 bungalows due to be completed by October. The launch was held together with the opening ceremony of Laman Granview’s clubhouse which is named Cresta.
With its own lift, one floor dedicated to the master suite and a density of five units per acre, these bungalows are certainly luxurious.
Each 3.5-storey home is priced from RM3mil. Built-up areas range from 5,602 to 5,483 sq ft and offer five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and one utility room; the lowest level may be converted into a multifunction room or used as a guest room.
The Alvarez bungalows come with individual titles (not landed strata titles) which are leasehold for 99 years (expiring in 2110).
Laman Granview is a guarded enclave with 24-hour security surveillance. It is located on elevated ground, 450 ft above sea level (Damansara Foresta in Bandar Sri Damansara, to compare, is located 590 ft above sea level), next to the Ayer Hitam forest reserve.
“Many homeowners in the Klang Valley who have long trusted IJM’s quality homes are looking to upgrade their homes now that their family sizes and income levels are growing and they are now looking after their elderly parents,” said IJM Land general manager for the central region.
At the launch, a number of bookings were made and several potential buyers showed strong interest in the houses, added a spokesperson.
Cresta features an infinity swimming pool, wading pool, cafeteria, gymnasium, sauna, and multipurpose hall.

Source: The Star Property

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Glomac To Finish Lakeside Transformation In 6 Years

Glomac Bhd plans to build serviced apartments, condominiums and shop offices on the commercial land near its current development at Lakeside Residences.

A shopping mall is also being planned, said Glomac group managing director and chief executive officer Datuk F.D. Iskandar Mansor.

The company is confident to fully develop Lakeside Residences within six years.

"Once Lakeside Residences matures in two or three years time, we plan to build serviced apartments, condominiums and shop offices in the nearby commercial land. We may even put up a mall," Iskandar said in a statement.

Located within the popular growth corridor of Puchong, Glomac's flagship Lakeside Residences development has so far been well-received by property buyers.

The third phase of the development, called Symphony at Lakeside Residences, was launched last Friday via balloting, where more than 800 individuals registered their interest for the 139 residential units.

There were full take-up rate for non-Bumiputera units.

Symphony is an 81ha guarded development with a gross development value of RM107 million.

The Symphony units are two-storey houses priced at RM728,000 onwards and are expected to be completed by the end of next year.

The earlier launch of Phase 2, called Sonata, Lakeside Residences, was fully sold within a day via balloting in September last year.

"The outlook for our development in Puchong is overwhelming. Purchasers have faith in the location of our project as well as its overall concept," Iskandar said.

Centrally located within Puchong's thriving commercial hub, the lakeside living residences are sited amid the lakeside clubhouse and recreational facilities with open green parks and community focal points, such as a half Olympic-size infinity pool, parks, recreational area and jogging paths.

Source: Business Times

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Menara Wawasan Merdeka

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Millennia City - Puchong's New Rising Landmark

Millennia City - 100-acre mixed development is set to transform the commercial and property landscape of Puchong. In Millennia City’s elaborate master plan, the numerous components comprises shopping mall, hotel, street mall, residences, Grade A offices and lakefront promenade all come together in a modern and sustainable green environment meticulously planned to cater to accommodate the growing population of Puchong with integrated facilities and world class MSC compliance IT and utility infrastructure.
Millennia City is an integrated township in close proximity to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and is linked to 5 major highways. The innovative concept and excellent location of Millennia City will attract astute investors and aspiring entrepreneurs. The new diamond interchange will provide direct access from the LDP into Millennia City, and the future LRT station is just within a short walking distance.
M Square Mall
A 380,000 sq ft enclosed shopping mall lay claim to Puchong first international branded hotel, the Hilton Gardens Inn as its anchor and is set to be the new landmark of Puchong when it starts operation in 2014. M Square offers facilities and services for meeting, incentives, conference and exhibitions segment combining business, lifestyle and world class accommodation in Puchong.
Millennia Mall
Next wave of Millennia City features the country’s largest covered street mall comprising 2.1 million square feet of double volume retail outlets and offices. Spanning over 23 acres, Millennia Mall showcases a 4 acre covered pedestrian walk and alfresco space, where promotional events and activities can be held uninterrupted by climatic shifts typical in our tropical climate. Even the walkways at Millennia Mall are protected by a series of cantilever roofs that stretches over the retail and office units, allowing continuous business activities come rain or shine. Business sustainability in Millennia Mall is further enhanced by energy efficient features and flexible operating hours. Incorporating the facilities of enclosed shopping malls with the flexibilities of traditional shops. Millennia Mall is set to provide shoppers with unparalleled shopping and dining experiences.
Upcoming Residential Development
The upcoming residential development in Millennia City is set to redefine urban living. Nestled next to the renowned Hilton Gardens Inn in close proximity to Millennia Mall for shopping and dining convenience, the project is thoughtfully designed to address the 3 tenets of urban living – energy efficient for environmental sustainability, a 3 tier security system for privacy, and Smart Home Integration System for convenience. This much anticipated residential development consists of only 86 units of semi-Detached town Villas and 402 units of condominiums.
Final Phase of the Development
The final phase of Millennia City comprises of Grade A offices and lakefront promenade, details shall be unveiled in the near future.
Highlight & New Features
Millennia City will be introducing many new features on its first.
1. Shopping arena of Millennia City is designed with external glass lifts to enhanced security providing maximum visibility to its occupants and shoppers.
2. Millennia City is equipped with State-of-Art security system and guarded with professionally trained security officers monitoring the premises 24-hour a day.
3. Single level sub-basement with 23ft high double volume ceiling openings for natural ventilation, capable of holding 3,250 cars, making it the biggest of its kind in the country.
The Developer
Millennium Land Sdn Bhd is a property development company incorporated in 1984. Its main project Millennia City, showcases a modern and high-tech township where IT and smart home technology is incorporated into homes, shops and offices enhancing the quality of living and business.
Corporate Vision -“To create landmark projects that complements and supports its surroundings”
Come visit us and call (03) 806 08188 or email: registry@desamillennia.com for our promotional package and information.
Source: iProperty

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Perfect Eagle Developing Clean And Green In Puchong

One of the main attractions of highland resorts, besides their cool climes and individual charms, is their fresh air. Free of – or rather low in – pollutants, the first thing many city tourists do upon arriving at their destination is to take lung-fulls of the stuff.
Although less than 20% of dry air is made up of oxygen, researchers say the more we take in, the better it is for us as the best way to improve health comes from the optimum oxygenation of every cell.
It may have been this basis of wanting to deliver a healthy development that led Perfect Eagle Development Sdn Bhd to name its project in Puchong, Selangor, O2 City.
While the idea may be simple, its execution is far more complex, requiring socio-economic forecasts, ecological conservation analysis and the adoption of energy efficient solutions for it to be turned into reality.
Taking inspiration from the naturally occurring process of photosynthesis, part of the building design of O2 City was formed to reflect and respond to the natural environment as well as to meet human needs.
To cultivate an “outstanding environment for living, working and social activities”, PEB drew on advanced green technologies to create a sustainable residential township that can offer healthy lifestyles.
Before that, though, it studied the topography and position of its 64-acre site so the development components comprising six blocks of serviced residences, up to four blocks of boutique offices, a retail mall and a hotel could best use natural sunlight, natural ventilation and passive heating and cooling so running costs and energy usage could be reduced.
It also specified plants along the east and west borders of O2 City to diffuse heat and reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling and will incorporate sustainable energy solutions such as solar, heat pumps and heat recovery systems to lighten the development’s demands for conventional power.
Conserving water resource through recycling of grey water, harvesting of rainwater and other water saving methods is another green feature of the development.
In terms of further reducing the development’s carbon footprint and reducing pollution once the entire project is completed by 2022, PEB said it will strive to encourage its population of residents and office workers to use public transportation or selfpropelled modes of movement such as walking and cycling.
Ultimately, PEB hopes its efforts will make O2 City a place where birds, flora and fauna will also be happy to call home.
To measure its efforts, the developer will subject O2 City to international green assessment tools and certification systems such as the United States’ Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Singapore’s Green Mark and Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI) ratings.
O2 City is taking shape near educational institutions such as the Limkokwing University, Multimedia University, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Binary University College, Alice Smith International School, Rafflesia International School, Australian International School as well as Nexus International School.
Also near by it will be the Columbia Asia Medical Centre and the Serdang Hospital as well as the 25ha Ayer Hitam Recreation Park, Putrajaya Botanical Gardens, Wetland Park and IOI Palm Gardens.
O2 City’s serviced residences with built-up areas of between 1,000sq ft and 2,600sq ft are being offered from RM500psf. This will mark the first phase of the development and it’s expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2016.
Source: The Malay Mail

Monday, August 13, 2012

Be At Airport 3 Hours Before Flight

AirAsia Bhd has asked its passengers, who are flying during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday season, to be at the airport three hours before departure time and clear their travel formalities as early as possible to avoid possible congestion.

The budget carrier said major roads leading to the airport and the airport terminal are expected to be congested due to the surge in passenger numbers during the festive period.

"As the airport check-in counters are also likely to be congested, passengers are advised to use our web check in service for their travel convenience to avoid missing flights due to possible congestion.

"Web check could be performed upon booking confirmation and up to 60 minutes before departure," the frills-free carrier said in statement today.

Source: Bernama

Monday, August 6, 2012

Well Done

Dato Lee, you are still our Hero

Monday, July 16, 2012

Laman & Bayu @ Bandar Bukit Puchong

Extended Space. For Extended Family.

3 Generations Under One Roof. That’s The Singular Idea. Private Space Within Family Space. That’s The Tri-Generation Ideal.

Here, SPACE is designed the way you – and the other generations – like it.

72 exclusive freehold semi-detached homes, with room for everyone, for every occasion. And more space in your extended side garden.

Further outside is your spacious residents’ park, plus a neighbourhood of amenities.

At Laman & Bayu, there’s space for 3 generations to live comfortably as one, in a guarded community.

At home, your private garden awaits. A step away, your residents’ park.

Natural harmony among 3 generations.

Tend to your lush green as Grandpa and Grandma stroll along garden pathways, and the kids frolic in the park.

Extended Space. For Extended Family.

With Extended Space, Comes Extended Comfort & Style.

2-storey and 2 ½-storey Semi-Ds extending from 2,672 sq.ft. to 3,058 sq.ft. Here, living together also frees you for solitude.

Indulge in your evening read upstairs as the kids host a slumber party downstairs. If you like, a weekend barbeque to catch up with more loved ones.

There’s space to enjoy family-time, me-time, anytime.

With Extended Space, Comes Extended Comfort & Style.

At Laman & Bayu, you’ll find every inch of family space and private space covered with quality finishings.

Large windows up to 7 ft. tall in the Living Room, for brighter living spaces and better ventilation. Polished porcelain tiles for elegance the ladies of the house would love. Timber flooring for that cosy, inviting ambience.

Other comforts include en suite bathrooms, ready air-conditioners throughout the home, except for the maid’s room, water-heater in the Master Bathroom, and ready broadband infrastructure. All planned for your convenience and easy move-in.

Explore Far Out. And Stay Close.

Here, Luxury is Extended.

While typical semi-detached homes provide the luxury of a 10 ft. garden, Laman & Bayu give you the added luxury of an additional 5 ft.

Find even more green space for your own relaxation, or the family’s, at your 30,000 sq.ft. residents’ park, equipped with pedestrian-friendly walkways and a playground.

The pleasing landscape includes forest trees, enhanced with foliage native to Malaysia, including Fan Palms, Pulai and Eugenias.

If there’s one thing all 3 generations would like, it’s convenience.

Fringing Laman & Bayu are shops, malls, hypermarkets, schools, and all the vibrancy of Puchong. For the adventurous, nearby highways make going out and coming back a breeze.

Whether to run personal errands or make a trip to the mall, with the family, do it all with ease.

Surrounding Laman & Bayu is a variety of amenities:

SJK (C) Sin Ming

SJK (C) Han Ming

Tesco Bukit Puchong

Carrefour Puchong Utama

And in time more :

Taylor’s International School ( to be completed in 2014 with an expected enrolment of 2,000 students )

IOI City Mall ( to be completed in 2014 with an expected 350 outlets )

IOI Vivo City ( to focus more on F&B outlets )

Monday, July 9, 2012

Aurora Residence @ Lake Side City Puchong

Glowing in pride - Aurora Residences @ Lake Side City
Have you seen the phenomena of aurora? It is a beautiful glow of lights in the sky, a rare occurrence which is said to bring a lifetime of good luck for the person who sees it. It is therefore apt that Aurora Residence @ Lake Side City is named after this natural miracle, with its rare appeal, quality amenities and visually aesthetic façade.
Exquisite homes, solid structures
Aurora Residence @ Lake Side City is a high-rise residential condominium covering 9.28 acres, the first phase within the hefty 149-acre Puchong integrated development called Lake Side City. With 752 units within the development, Aurora Residence provides everyone a chance to enjoy the goodies it has to offer and to marvel at its beauty.
The homes come in 3 exquisite designs, with sizes ranging from 1141 sq ft, apt for couples and small families, to 1238 sq ft, fitting for families who prefer more living space in their homes. All the homes come with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Apart from the homes themselves, Aurora Residence exudes opulence, warmth and splendour with the many facilities it has for its residents.
Emphasising wellness, health and family
Aurora houses 3.9 acres of open gardens on podium levels, emphasising healthy living and sustainability in its own unique way. Some of the health and human wellness facilities Aurora provides its residents are an adult swimming pool, a children’s mini water theme park and pool, a clubhouse, a gymnasium, and even an aerobic and yoga room for those who prefer relaxing exercises over hard-core cardio routines.
Aurora encourages wholesome living, evident from the steam bath and sauna especially for those who want to sweat out without too much hard work. There is also a tennis court, a futsal court, and an open Tai Chi area for those who practise the ancient Chinese martial art. Other services it offers are an indoor games room, a café and laundrette, a BBQ and picnic area for quality family time, and even an event-cum-multipurpose hall for neighbourhood events or family functions.
Aurora’s most beautiful feature is, however, the hanging gardens within the premises. With 4 gardens and each with a different theme, these natural beauties give a Babylonian aura to the already rustic and beautiful condominium. Aurora is also built with convenience in mind, hence the double volume lobby and waiting-cum-drop-off area to accommodate greater crowds with ease.
Puchong’s newest residential pearl
Aurora Residence’s location in Puchong’s Lake Side City places it within reach of most of the best amenities in Klang Valley. It is well-connected and easily reached via a plethora of highways and expressways, which include the LDP, MEX, ELITE, North-South Highway, Besraya Highway, KESAS, SILK, and the newly-proposed SKIP. Aurora will also be within walking distance of the proposed Star LRT station, 11 @ Puchong.
Aurora Residence is the first phase project for Lake Side City which is part of a 15 year integrated development plan. Don’t miss your chance to profit from the early bird price. Register NOW @ www.lakesidecity.com.my today.
Source: iProperty.com